A good day

Sometimes I think that all I do is moan on here but not today.  You may remember that we were to be without electricity all day which meant we had to be out of the house with very little to do and you may also be reading this to find out how we got on.  Whether you're here by accident or design I'm delighted to tell you that we've had the loveliest time.

I'd decided that we'd go to Boston (in Lincolnshire, not in the US - nothing that exciting) just because it's somewhere we rarely visit and it's only 24 miles away, far enough to take us a decent amount of time to get there but not so far that Ash would be out of his comfort zone.

First we went for coffee and a wander around a couple of large home furnishing shops, then we got in the car, drove into the middle of town and went to a newly opened department store for lunch.  None of this is anything we would have done pre-dementia but it was perfect for today.  We both hate shopping of almost any sort and in an earlier life this would have been our idea of hell but we bonded over the fact that neither of us was actually enjoying it as an activity which, in a weird way, made it fun.  

We people-watched, commented on what we could see in the street below as we looked through the restaurant window, chatted and smiled an awful lot.  Ash even talked about the shops we went into and discussed what was on sale which was a minor miracle.

After lunch we got back in the car and went to do the food shopping where, again, Ash was calm and unfazed by the fact that we were there in the afternoon rather than our usual time of 9.30am.

We got home five minutes before the electricity came back on so couldn't have timed it better and, three hours later, he's still in a good mood.  It seems that when he has to Ash really can still step up and go with the flow.

Oh, and the best part of it all?  I managed to walk around in my new boots all day which gives me hope that my feet will survive a long day out in them at the end of the month.

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CW said…
I like your quote for today's post. And am glad that Ash came through the day out as well as he did. Sometimes, they just surprise us, don't they?? LOL Continue to take care... and I'll try to do the same. BTW, does Ash still mind going to the barber to get his hair cut?? Robert no longer wants to have anyone but me cut his hair.
Jane said…
Our hairdresser has a salon at her house so it's only the two of us when we're there which makes life easier. Also she follows the blog so knows where we're at with all of this and knows not to ask him questions etc. He doesn't like going but never did and it was always a standing joke that he wanted to be left alone to grow a pony tail. We compromise nowadays. I go every 5 weeks and Ash goes every 10 weeks. His beard is more of a battle. I keep that trimmed and when he was being horrible to me it really did become a battle but now he's a little more accepting as long as I don't trim it too short or do it too often.