Life is looking good

I had a very long day out yesterday to see how Ash did with S instead of me.  I had a plan of course and, of course, nothing went to plan, at least not in the  morning but I got away and the best part was seeing the smile on his face when I said I was going out and S was coming.  He didn't question the timings or the fact that it was still dark and, in fact, was totally uninterested in my plans for the day ahead which seemed an excellent sign.

So S arrived and I left.  We'd exchanged emails the day before so there were some loose plans in place for what they might do and she'd read all the information on Ash's routine so knew how he usually spends his day and, for the first time in a very long while, I left with a light heart.

I got home 14 hours later to discover they'd had a perfectly lovely day and I hadn't been missed at all.  They'd done the shopping, taken Max for two walks, been out for a cup of tea and had a drive around spotting places they both knew.  In the evening they'd eaten the meal I'd left and then tried to answer questions on the quiz shows Ash likes so much.  

This morning I mentioned that S was going to be coming every Thursday (except for next week when she's otherwise engaged) and his face lit up.  I have a very good feeling about all of this and high hopes for the future, although those hopes are tinged with realism because I know perfectly well that nothing in this life is promised.

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Carol S. said…
Lovely to read your post today Jane. S really does sound the perfect solution. Perfect quote too - thanks .
Jane said…
She really does seem to be the perfect solution so let's all keep our fingers crossed.