The magic continues

 I have a horrible feeling that I wrote a post very like this just after L started with us so I forgive you if you're thinking 'here we go again'.  All I can say is that this time it all feels different and, although I'm trying to keep a lid on my hopes, they are rising little by little just because Ash is so, so happy.

Last night he managed to stay awake most of the evening watching his favourite quiz show and answering questions which was lovely to see.  He was up at 1am in a confused state but when I went to him he wasn't anxious or stressed and soon went back to sleep.  This morning the brain fog was less than usual and cleared quicker than usual and so it went on.  He has smiled more, laughed more, joked more and even given me a hug which is something that hasn't happened since I came home from my week away in May.  Now do you see why I'm optimistic?

S emailed me a detailed description of their day and it seems that they had lots of fun, much of it concerning all the exciting things they got up to when they were at work.  The idea of these reports is that we can spot any difficulties early and make changes the minute we think they're needed and I really feel that we're both committed to making this work the best it possibly can for Ash.  I'm also very aware that if we can do this it will be working the best it possibly can for me too and that makes me a very happy bunny.

So once again I suggest you watch this space and keep your fingers crossed that it really will work out this time because if it does it will make all the difference to both of us.

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Carol S. said…
🎶 What a difference a day makes 🎶 My fingers are crossed for you Jane. 🤗
Jane said…
Mine too Carol.