Tiredness brings irritation in its wake

We had a really good start to the day.  Ash woke in a good mood which is always a blessing and, even though he had no idea how his routine normally went, we got to breakfast unscathed.  

This morning went a little haywire when he decided to have a second breakfast/early lunch (the two meals are indistinguishable) at 11am but I managed to stop myself commenting so all was well there.  

Then he got it into his head that S was coming and was decidedly unhappy when told she wasn't so, in her absence and as a very poor substitute I think, I sat and watched a property programme with him.  This cheered him up no end because we could talk about the work he's done on this house and how ours is so much nicer that those we were looking at - in our opinion of course - and he could see how much he's achieved over the years.  

This afternoon then was going really, really well right up until a wave of tiredness swept over me at exactly the same time as Ash realised that the clocks change on Sunday.  The diary came out to check the date, there was a discussion about whether the time went backwards or forwards before we were back to the date again, then the time, then the date and on and on.

I'm really not proud of the fact that in the end I couldn't stand it any longer and I shouted.  I know I shouldn't have, I know it goes against everything I've learned but tiredness on my part is the one thing that's almost guaranteed to bring everything crashing down.

We got over it of course and it hasn't been mentioned since but sometimes I really, really wish my life was different.

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Carol S. said…
The same thing happened here a few days ago Jane after my partner emptied the laundry bag and hung his dirty clothes in the wardrobe. I couldn’t remember what he had been wearing cos like you I was tired and I just snapped which of course got a similar reaction from him. You’re quote is perfect as usual. We are only human and these things are going to happen at times. The wonder is they don’t happen more often - so we are doing really well. Hope today’s a good one for your. Xx
Rhona said…
I relate of course -tiredness and stress make me less able to cope with the situations we find ourselves in. I sometimes worry about the amount of irritation I have to ‘swallow’ I’m sure its not good for your health. Taking a deep breath and stepping away is the plan but....not always possible.
One occasion stands out for me - the year after Kens diagnosis I treated myself to beautiful pre-lit Christmas tree. When the time came to take down our decorations he was given the job of packing up the tree. I was very busy restoring order to the rest of the house and only realised when it was too late that he had (with difficulty) unattached the 800 attached lights. I can laugh about it now but omg at the time I was absolutely beside myself!