A Sunday treat and other things

Three more friend stories today.

Firstly a friend messaged me yesterday afternoon to ask how my Sunday bath had worked out.  At that moment I was sitting in front of my laptop thinking once again how much I disliked Sundays just because I'd completely forgotten my plan to treat myself.  I raced upstairs, ran the bath, floated some of my soap flowers on the surface of the water and spent a very lovely half hour soaking, reading and generally feeling very spoilt and more than a little decadent.  I felt wonderful when I got out and have since been thinking about how the experience could be improved.  Currently I'm considering buying a bath pillow, a wooden tray to sit across the bath where I can place my mug of tea and a new, fluffy towel just for use on a Sunday afternoon.  If you have any other ideas I'd be very interested to hear them but please bear in mind that I don't drink and hate smelly candles.

So that was yesterday's friend story and then this morning I came down to find an email from another friend who, in response to yesterday's post, was asking me to let her know when we would be out for a couple of hours so that she could come over and clean our windows.  I'm not ashamed to say that the email made me cry.

Finally there's the friend I keep forgetting to thank who is the sole reason you get these posts at all.  She helped me set the blog up in the first place but recently gave up two whole Saturday mornings to show me how to transfer it onto a new system and make sure it was working properly.

Friends, I really have no idea where I'd be without them.

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Carol S. said…
You are so lucky to have such fabulous friends Jane. I’m sure it’s a reflection of how good a friend you have been and are. Another perfect quote. Xx
Jane said…
I'm really not sure what I've done to deserve them but I do treasure them and hope I'm a good friend in return.