An different sort of life

 This really is a life of ups, downs and weirdness.

No particular downs to report at the moment but weirdness came last night when Ash asked if Jake was going to be late home or staying out all night.  He asked something similar on Sunday evening and that time, for some utterly unknown reason, I replied that Jake didn't live here any more.  Last night I just said he was staying out and we didn't need to worry which seemed to satisfy him.  The thing is the first time Ash asked that question it felt really weird, last night it was still weird but less so and I know that the next time it happens it will feel completely normal.  It's interesting to see how quickly we can get used to each new 'normal'.

To counterbalance that weirdness I've had the loveliest day out today.  S came to spend the day with Ash and I escaped with two friends .  We treated ourselves to coffee at one of the oldest hotels in the county, used a leaflet from the tourist information centre to wander the Georgian streets of the town, found an amazing bar for lunch and then drove home.  The whole day was relaxing, fun and with just a little touch of luxury; what more could we want?

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