Another plan in process

Have you been wondering how my pampering session went last Sunday?  If you have I'm here to tell you it was lovely.  Apart from the fact that I forgot all about my lovely soaps it was practically perfect and why I forgot those when they were staring at me from the bathroom window sill I have no idea.

One of the really wonderful things about it all was the anticipation which was with me for several days beforehand.  I almost caved in a couple of times but made myself wait and it really was worth it.  I soaked and read, soaked some more and read some more and got out looking more than a little pink and wrinkled but also feeling more than a little relaxed.  I'd remembered the plan to have something waiting for tea which just needed to be reheated and it was all very lovely.

Anyway that's got me thinking once more and here's where the thinking has got me.  It's fairly obvious that Ash is needing more and more support and that life is going to become slightly more confining than it has been up to now so what, I thought, about Christmas.

Christmas last year was certainly better than Christmas 2019 but it was still a little difficult with memories of Christmas past crowding in on me from all sides.  I thought I was prepared but it turned out that I wasn't at all.

This year then I've decided to save all those new pamper session related items for the big day itself.  The fuchsia pink towel and bath mat, the flower soaps, the music, the gel socks, the lounge clothes, all to be brought out and used specifically to make Christmas Day very special indeed.  How cool will that be!

This approach has worked really well for the last two of my birthdays and I see no reason why it won't work for Christmas.  I'll have something to look forward to and that something will be a huge treat just for me.  I might even decorate the bathroom.

I have a feeling that some of you out there might think this is all a bit weird but just the thought of it has me looking forward to Christmas which is no bad thing and luckily I really don't mind nowadays what anyone thinks of me so that's ok.

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Tehachap said…
It sounds like your Christmas will be very special indeed!
Jane said…
That is my plan. I really want it to be different this year. Something to look forward to and something which won't disappoint when it finally gets here.