Life isn't all about the difficulties

 A busy few days with the usual ups and downs which, I've decided, are dementia's way of making sure I don't get complacent.  

Had a lovely visit to see my Mum on Thursday.  It was a food tasting session at her care home and, despite having had lunch, Mum ploughed her way through a plate of assorted savoury dishes, a desert and a piece of chocolate cake.  She may be coming up to her 93rd birthday, have difficulty walking and doesn't always know who I am but she still has her appetite!

Yesterday saw me out on a lovely walk in the Wolds with a friend.  The sun shone, the views were amazing and the conversation, as always, flowed.  Came home and took Ash out for a cup of tea in a cafe overlooking the sea.  The sun still shone which was lovely but, for the second time in two weeks, he had difficulty working out how to get the tea from the pot into his cup so that was a bit of a jolt.

This morning started as normal with me taking Ash's cup of tea up along with his tablets.  So far, so good but then, just as I got settled down again to enjoy the peace and quiet, he was in front of me saying he didn't know which tablets he was supposed to take.  Another small jolt.  

My usual Saturday walk wasn't on today but the future was looming, the walls were closing in and I felt a need to escape.  I have a strong feeling that my freedom is in danger of being curtailed in the near future so in place of the walk I took myself into town for a coffee and a wander round the shops.  Am very pleased to report that I found the perfect 'lounge wear' outfit for Christmas Day and have added it to the fuschia pink towel, bath mat and flannel which I bought on my way to that food tasting session with Mum.  The Big Day really does feel as though it's, slowly but surely, coming together and that's something to focus on.  

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