Taking control of life

 I've had a really, really good day today and have realised that, amongst all the ups and downs of this life, my best days are those where I feel I've taken control of my own happiness.

I had the afternoon bath planned and was so looking forward to it that I needed a diversion to stop me climbing into the steaming hot water early.  Luckily there was a list of jobs I could get my teeth into beginning with cleaning out the shed (more of which later in the week) before moving on to washing down window sills (because I had hot water left over from the shed) both of which took me up to lunch time.  After lunch it was time to bake cheese scones (which, in the absence of the not so lovely L, has become my job again) and finally I made a batch of fire lighters giving me job satisfaction and helping to keep the home fires burning for the next two weeks.

A busy morning and early afternoon then before I took myself up to that bath.  The bathing quickly became a whole pamper session which took up almost a whole hour and saw me making my way back downstairs feeling relaxed, happy and completely human.

If I feel that good without all the extras I have planned is there any wonder I'm actually looking forward to Christmas Day this year?

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