Treating myself

 I used to hate shopping.  If I was buying clothes the picture I had of me in my head never matched reality and everything I tried on made me look like a sack of potatoes; I didn't treat myself because we were either broke or I had no time for treats and I have an aversion to crowds so shopping at weekends was always a trial.  Cut to this morning and what a difference, not so much with the clothes side of things but definitely with my approach to treats.

A friend and I were going to see the seals just up the coast from here ( however not only was the weather cold and unpredictable but there were very few seal pups as yet.  We looked at the black sky, shivered in the cold wind and decided, understandably I think, that we might prefer coffee somewhere nice and warm.

Half an hour later, with food and hot beverages in front of us, we gazed in awe at our surroundings and discovered that we might be able to start at least considering Christmas shopping. 

The friend did better than me at buying for other people I have to say.  I did manage two presents but the thing I was most excited about was the soap I bought for myself.  It was in a box of what looked like flowers but in fact the petals were soap leaves and I couldn't resist them.  

As most of you know by now I struggle with Sundays so my plan for the future is to treat myself to a bath every Sunday afternoon and float some of the petals on the top of the water.  I can then sink into it all, book in hand, and imagine myself bathing in rose petals.  That should improve my least favourite day of the week.  What do you think?

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Carol S. said…
That sounds wonderful Jane. I think little acts of kindness to ourselves can make a big difference. Another perfect plan. I’m going to copy this one. 🤗