Resourceful by necessity

Sometimes, in fact quite often, when you live a life affected by dementia you have a great tendency to think you're on your own.  Again and again something happens and you think you're the only person experiencing that particular thing and a feeling of loneliness crowds in from all sides.  You may have the best friends in the world (and I really do think I have) but you know that none of them can possibly understand because you really are the only person this happens to.

Then, maybe, you start a blog and begin writing about your life just to get it out of your system and, if you're very lucky, people begin to read it.  Then your luck might just get even better and those people begin to email you, message you and comment on your posts.  When this happens you suddenly discover that you're not on your own at all, that you're not the only one experiencing these things, and suddenly you feel better about it all.

Yesterday I wrote about hiding food around the house, about unexpected battles and and about needing more than one nap in a day and I was amazed at how many of you knew exactly what I was talking about.  The details might vary but the outline is the same.  The amount of planning, adjusting and effort that goes into every single day just to make sure we can survive this is, overall, much of a muchness.

I love that.  Not that so many of us are going through this obviously, but the fact that I'm not the only one and that we all deal with it in a very similar way.

I find too, from all those messages, emails and comments, that those of us with dementia in our lives are a pretty resourceful bunch, not much throws us and we've become very adaptable.  I realise of course that you don't have to have dementia in your life to be resourceful or adaptable but, in my case at least, I'm very sure that those skills have been honed by this experience and they give me confidence for the future.

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