So how was it?

You'll be pleased to know that I survived Christmas and, mostly, survived it in some style.  Definitely better than previous years and that, I'm sure, was because of the treats I'd laid up and had been waiting for.

My church visit was cold but lovely; the party food I'd bought livened up lunch times; the list of films, along with where to find them and the length, meant entertainment was easily to hand whenever I wanted it and the pamper session was perfect.

The Christmas Day pamper session was in fact so perfect I did it all over again on Boxing Day and am now looking forward to my Sunday afternoons even more.  The details? Fuchsia pink bath sheet, bath mat and flannel; floating soap petals added just before I got in; a cushion to support my head; a new book saved especially for Christmas Day; harp music playing from my phone and through a recently unearthed bluetooth speaker; a cup of tea to hand and new, comfy clothes to climb into once I'd finished.  It was absolute bliss and definitely made all the difference.

On Monday we spent a late afternoon and early evening at friends who know us well.  I was a little sad because we've spent many, many Christmases with them and Ash has always been in the thick of it.  Now he's on the periphery but there was a game which he joined in and conversation that he was part of so that was nice.

There was however a fallout from that busy day and we didn't make the planned breakfast at the beach with Jake and the 8 year old.  Instead they went home early and left us to our own devices.  You don't need the details but I will tell you that Jake and the 8 year old dealt with it in a far more mature way then I did.  My only consolation was/is that S is coming tomorrow and I have a whole day with them away from here, away from treading on eggshells and away from responsibility. 

So there you have it.  An excellent Christmas in its own way.  Far from perfect but I can't have that so a very, very good substitute. 

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