Thank you

 Not an interesting post today because nothing very interesting has happened but I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all the supportive messages, emails and comments following my last post.  This job, as we all know, is incredibly hard but, in my case at least, it's made so much easier knowing that I'm not on my own through it all.

You are all very, very lovely people and I'm so glad you're out there.

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Carol Westover said…
Having others understand what your life is like is key to being able to withstand it in its most difficult times. Together, we can do this! Hugs, Carol (aka Tehachap)
Anonymous said…
It goes back to that old adage- 'walk a mile in my shoes'. I would never have dreamt before dementia entered our lives that I would some days hate the sight of the husband whom I'd previously loved for 40 years, that I'd become this bad-tempered harridan who rages against the world and who's previous faith in a loving 'man above' would not just be shaken to its foundations but which is in danger of vanishing altogether! Please take heart from all of us in a similar situation to yours, who not only empathise completely but resolutely applaud that you've remained as positive as you have. Ignore the detractors, you're doing a much better job than I!
Marcia said…
Jane, you are my inspiration and a mentor. Keep the faith and ignore those that don’t have a clue!