An 'inspired' idea

 'Inspired' was the word used by Jake when I told him my plan for yesterday and I really think it was.

As you  know, on Sunday I was feeling exhausted and down and could see no way out but then I had one of my light bulb moments.

In our pre-dementia days Ash and I used to go on holiday a lot.  We both had busy lives and getting away meant we could spend time together and chill.  One of the things I hated about certain trips however was the overnight flight back at the end of the two weeks; I felt sick, dizzy and worried about the drive home on very little sleep.  I hated it all so much that I did a little investigating and discovered a website called where you can rent a hotel room for a few hours during the day.

Now I'm sure people have various reasons for wanting to book a hotel room during the day but one of them has to be to have somewhere to grab a few hours sleep after a long flight and before a long drive home.  We used the site twice and it worked perfectly.

On Sunday when I was feeling unusually despondent I remembered that site and thought of another use for it.  I had a look to see if there were any hotels available in Lincolnshire not really holding out much hope but apparently the Holiday Inn in Lincoln had rooms available from 11am to 5pm and the whole idea began to take shape.

I booked a room for yesterday, drew up a list of things I wanted to take and planned my day.  Shall I tell you how it went?

I arrived at 11.30am, left at 4pm and in between I sat in almost perfect silence.  I read books, I climbed into bed twice and slept, I listened to the radio and I spoke to absolutely no-one.  My only slight disappointment was that I couldn't have a pamper bath.  I'd taken everything with me ready to immerse myself in hot soapy water but hadn't thought to request the bath itself.  The shower was huge and glorious but understandably not conducive to a relaxing soak.  Other than that my day was perfect.  I'd taken extra tea bags and milk in a flask and I'd provided myself with lunch and snacks partly to save money but also because I really didn't want to leave that room.

So there you have it.  If you too want to escape just for a few hours I can really recommend it.  Hotels on the website based in Lincolnshire are few and far between, in fact there's only the Holiday Inn in Lincoln and one other (just over the border but the same distance away from us) however there are far more in other parts of the country and also all over the world.  The room cost me £50 for the day and I could have stayed until 5pm if I hadn't had to get back for Ash.  Now looking at the diary to see when I can do it again.

I'm learning that, when life gets too overwhelming, the thing to do is think outside the box.  If you can do that you'll be amazed at the solutions you can come up with.

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Tehachap said…
Great idea... thanks!
Carol S. said…
What a great idea. Total relaxation. Thanks for sharing Jane.
Lorraine said…
Brilliant idea. Well done. Will keep that in mind.