First the dog, now the camera

Just when I thought we were back on an even keel it seems the camera's broken.  

The two loves of Ash's life nowadays are Max and the camera, in that order and with me being so far down the list I'm almost negligible.  As you know I've been nurturing Max while Jake and I have also been keeping a close eye on the camera with a plan in place for when it finally gives up the ghost.

Ash takes, on average, 500 photos a month and each week I upload them onto his laptop so that he doesn't lose them.  They're almost always of the same things and if you're ever in need of a photo showing a church, a village pub or views over fields I know just where to locate such a thing and all you need to do is let me know.

So the camera was working perfectly this morning.  It's very old and battered nowadays but Ash is used to it and I'm slowly learning what all the different switches are for so we're both relatively happy with the thing and all was well went we set out for our walk.   All was well in fact until Ash tripped over his boot laces and went down onto the road with the camera hitting the hard surface with a thud.

I helped him up, dusted him down and managed to get him to wait until we were home before he looked at the camera but then the problem made itself known.  At my suggestion Ash took a photo so we could make sure everything was in working order but all we saw on the screen was the picture and a weird message.  I got straight on the phone to Jake, my camera guru, and he did some research, coming back a little while later with the suggestion of getting a new memory card (now on order and arriving tomorrow).  If that doesn't work I have instructions on how to do a full reset and if that doesn't work I have a link to an identical second hand camera.  Thank goodness for the internet.

Oh, and the significance of the boot laces in this story?  Ash can no longer tie them so had been wrapping them around the hooks on his boots which was something I hadn't spotted.  I have a feeling I've seen 'easy tie' laces somewhere so am just going to see 1) if I can find them and 2) if they'll work with walking boots.  If you have any other solutions please let me know and in return I'll tell you how I get on.

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