I decided today that I really am a gadget girl.

Until dementia entered our lives almost all of the gadgets in this household belonged to Ash and many of them still take up space in various dark corners of the house and sheds.  The problem is that they're all either too heavy for me or a total mystery.

My own collection began with a small saw which I use to cut lengths of wood ready for turning into kindling for the fire.  Then there's the sander, bought when I was creating my bedroom; there's the nameless thing I use to trim shrubs in the garden, the cordless lawnmower and, of course, my beloved chainsaw.  All are the right size and weight for me, make my life so much easier and provide hours of fun so what's not to like?  

I thought I had all the gadgets I needed but then, after weeks of peering through gloom, I spotted a contraption which might just let some light into the house.  It was half price so I ordered it while I still felt some enthusiasm for cleaning windows and it arrived the next day.  That was before Christmas and the box has been lurking at the edge of my peripheral vision ever since.

Today the sun was out and, as I looked at the still filthy windows, I decided now was the time.  I unpacked the box, tried (and failed) to read the instructions, and finally got it all working.  A little while later I had several clean and clear windows and could actually sit at my desk looking out at the garden without wincing. 

The thing is that I hate cleaning windows.  I've mentioned this before and you may remember that one of my wonderful friends offered to come and clean them for me.  Now I've found a way of making a very boring and difficult job fun and can do it all by myself.

Guess what I'll be writing tonight on the slip of paper which goes in my positivity jar?

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Lorraine said…
Hi Jane,
I'm sure you've mentioned this gadget before but I can't find the post about it! I also detest cleaning windows with a vengeance but, just like you, I'm struggling to see outside as mine are absolutely filthy!! What is your magic gadget and where can I get one??
Carol S said…
Hi Jane
I also can’t begin to imagine how a gadget that helps clean windows works or what it looks like. Any info welcome please - and any other time saving devices used for cleaning cos I’m struggling generally, not just the windows. Could do with a real spring clean here. Thanks. Carol x
Jane said…
This is my window cleaning gadget and I can believe how effective it is. When Jake stayed last May so I could have a holiday he went into action, saying it was like living in a Victorian slum. He did an excellent job on all the windows but I haven't managed to rouse myself to action since. Now I can't stop admiring my work.

Can't think of any other gadgets right now but will let you know if I do.
Jane said…
that link looks odd but if you highlight the link and click on 'copy' it let's you copy and search in one. Otherwise search for Karcher WV 5 Plus N Window Vac.