It's not a bad life

 Still no test results for Max but I can tell you that he's so lively I'm beginning to realise he hasn't been himself for a while.  So we still have everything crossed but I'm much more hopeful of a healthy outcome than I was this time last week.

As for us we've had a nice couple of days.  Yesterday I walked into the living room to find Ash watching a detective programme that used to be one of our favourites.  It's one of those shows which takes two hours to tell you who the murderer is and it's a very long time since Ash has been able to focus for that long so, when I joined him on the sofa I didn't have any expectation of watching to the end.  How wrong I was.  We spent those two hours chatting about what was happening on screen, admiring the scenery and getting more and more involved in the story.  At one point I did have the thought that maybe I was wasting a chunk of my day but then realised that this was exactly what we needed at that particular time and relaxed into it.

Today I saw there was another episode of the same programme so thought I might attempt a replay but with the knowledge that this was a different day, a different mood and, quite possibly, a different outcome.  I raced around getting through my jobs at breakneck speed, abandoning the final two things on the list and landed on the sofa just as it was starting.  I'd like to be able to tell you that it all went exactly as yesterday but that wouldn't be quite true.  Ash was tired today and slept through some of it, he was also less engaged but he did stick with it and there was some discussion.  

What came afterwards though was the big surprise.  Ash used to be into music in a big way but over the last few years he's shown less and less interest and I can't remember the last time he listened to anything of note anywhere.  This afternoon the detective programme came to an end and I left the room.  When I came back ten minutes later he was engrossed in a Genesis concert.  Not only that but he stayed engrossed for the next two hours both with and without me and not only that but when the concert finished it was followed by yet another Genesis concert and he watched the whole of that too.

This might seem a very trivial thing but just for this afternoon the old Ash peeped out from behind the curtain of dementia which hangs over our lives and it was heart warming to see.

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