The kindness of friends

Bad couple of hours yesterday when Ash had a meltdown because I'd taken the chainsaw to a pile of wood that apparently he was perfectly capable of dealing with himself.  I was tired and still stressed over Max so of course didn't deal with it well and shouting was involved on both sides.

Woke with a feeling of gloom/doom this morning but then S arrived and I escaped to spend a perfectly lovely day with a friend.  We were supposed to be going on a long walk but when she read a few days ago about Max and about Ash getting me up in the early hours she messaged me.  Being the amazing friend she is there was a recognition that a long walk in the cold and the wet probably wasn't the best way to spend my day off.  Instead a day of coffee and lunch somewhere warm and dry with a nice gentle stroll somewhere to finish was suggested.  Those things were just what I needed and I finished my trip out feeling much, much better than when I set out.  

Got home to find Ash once more in a stress, this time because he couldn't find the key to the front door.  The key to the back door fits the front so I went to fetch his key ring.  Took one look and saw that he had two keys on that ring which meant that, for some reason, he'd taken the front door key from it's place and added it to the one he keeps on the ring.  I looked at S and said 'welcome to my world'.  Many of you will recognise that statement.

Update on Max: the report from S today is that he's been behaving like a puppy.  Was ahead of them on the walk this afternoon, ate and drank normally, played with his toys and has generally been one very happy dog.  The results of the tests should be back tomorrow but I'm quite hopeful we're over the worst.

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