A '2 nap' day

I've realised that Ash and I both have different ways of dealing with stressful days.  His is to eat and mine is to sleep.  I can tell how Ash's day is going by the number of cheese scones he consumes and I can tell how my day is going by the number of naps I have.  Today he's hardly eaten anything but I've had 2 naps which seems to me to say I've more or less managed to keep him calm but in doing so I've been left drained and exhausted.  This also seems to me to be a better outcome than the other way round so I'm ok with that.

We got off to a difficult start when Ash came downstairs at 7am in a state of complete confusion.  Apparently he'd been awake for ages but couldn't get up because his bedroom was full of people and he didn't know what they wanted.  That was a first and consequently, as always with the 'firsts', I was completely thrown.  One deep breath later and I'd taken him back upstairs to show him that everyone had gone and we were back on track.  

Then the new camera arrived and there was great excitement as it was unpacked.  Jake had assured me that it would be all set up and good to go the minute it got here and so it was; at least it was as long as you didn't need to detach a lens from the old one and re-attach it to the new one.  It was also good to go as long as you didn't need to swap the strap from the old one to the new and it was good to go as long as you were happy with the settings on the new one.

I think you can see where I'm going with this and all I can say is 'thank goodness for Youtube'.  I don't mean to advertise anything here of course but if it hadn't been for those instruction videos I'm not sure what I would have done.  

I had thought that Ash might struggle a bit with a new camera even if it was an identical version of the old but I really thought that once we had the lens attached, the strap in place and the settings as he wanted them we'd be ok.  What I hadn't taken into account was that, in his head, he had a camera which didn't work.  He kept going outside with the new one, taking photos then coming back in to tell me it wasn't working.  Every time he did this I went through those very photos with him and showed him each one in turn until he could see that there was nothing wrong.  This worked really well until he went out again to take more photos and the whole thing started once more.  The discussions happened again and again until, eventually, he became comfortable with the new camera at which point he promptly sat in his chair and watched the television.

So that's one piece of good news.  The other is that the no-tie boot laces arrived at lunch time and Ash loves them; in fact he loves them so much that there has been no mention of them since the first time he used them to go for a walk.  No wondering about them, no despair because he needs them, just complete acceptance and an ability to use them to fasten those all important boots so I've now ordered another pair for his shoes and I'm very grateful to all those among you who sent me links to places I could buy them.

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