Random things make me smile

 A very random selection of things have been written on the notepad over the past few days and added to the Positivity Jar.

So far this week I have (....... at this point I couldn't remember so fetched the slips themselves which is proof positive of the benefits of the jar I think) cleaned out my office from top to bottom and side to side; danced in the tanning booth while starting to build up some colour ready for those shorts coming out; had a coffee by myself in one of my recent coffee shop finds; been to the cinema with two of my very best friends for a 10.30am showing.  Felt very decadent as we watched Death on the Nile when, as my mum used to tell me, there were far more useful things to be doing; had lunch on my own after the film while watching the world go by and listening to jazz playing on the sound system; driven to the beach with Ash where we had coffee/tea in the warmth of the cafe as we looked out to sea and watched people walking on the sand.  For once Ash wasn't in a hurry and it made all the difference. 

Reading those slips, and remembering, made me realise that none of those things are connected, that I don't need any particular type of event to make me smile and that sometimes it's the smallest of things which does the trick.  

When life is difficult the things that make you smile are so important and, it seems, so is making a note of them whatever form those notes take.

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Carol S said…
So glad you are finding lots of positive moments in your life Jane. You’ve convinced me the positivity jar is a must - otherwise so many of them disappear into the ether and I most probably wouldn’t think of them again. I’m sure it helps you make the most of them at the time too - cos you want to remember to add them to the jar later. 🤗Thanks Cx
Jane said…
Yesterday really made me realise the benefits. I knew there'd been something worth writing down for 4 consecutive days but just couldn't remember what. Being able to jog my memory so easily was brilliant and it meant I got to smile over them all over again.