The Positivity Jar

 You may remember that at the beginning of the year I started a Positivity Jar.  The idea was that at the end of each day I would write on a piece of paper something lovely that had happened.  I would add the piece of the paper to the jar and at the end of the year when I emptied it I would have 365 nice things to look back on.

Ever willing to bring extra positivity to my life I found a jar and bought some bright post-it notes.  I placed the two things on the table in my bedroom along with a pen and prepared to be wowed by the hidden events in my life.

Some of you said you were going to try it and I'd love to know how you've got on.  For me it's been an interesting experience.

To begin with it seemed to work quite well but then I became dispirited because there were days where, however hard I tried, there was nothing that stood out as being fun and I started to think that my life was very boring indeed.  Some days I was reduced to writing 'watched ........ on the television' and the thought of rereading that and realising that a tv programme had been the highlight of my life at a certain point filled me with despair.

Then I found myself not bothering at all because the project just seemed to highlight how unexciting my life is nowadays and that was depressing.

Last week I had another of those light bulb moments that appear out of nowhere every  now and then and I realised that no-one's life is exciting all of the time.  Some of it is humdrum and some of it is best left to gather dust in a corner of the mind but when something good does happen it's certainly worth recording.

Those of you who've been with me for a while may also remember my resolve, whenever I need something, to buy the version which makes me smile and I thought you might be interested to know that I've decided to combine the two things.  

Now, at the end of every day, I look back at what's happened and if I smile at any memory I write it down and add it to the Positivity Jar.  No searching through my mind for a big event or something that stands out, just anything, however small, which makes me smile.

I know I won't have 365 notes in there at the end of the year but that target was always unrealistic.  Just by simplifying it I've added more smiles to my life and that's never a bad thing.

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Anonymous said…
Sometimes when a day goes by and yes there is no excitement to speak off but yet there is positivity. The positivity is because on this day there may have been no cross words, no major misunderstandings or no reminders of bad things. Yes there may be the underlying sleeping dragon but the day was positive because nothing really bad happened and we got along
Jane said…
You're quite right, any day where we manage to get to the end without a crisis of any sort is a positive one but every so often I really need more than that.