Lots to smile about

 Having got over the dreaded lurgy from last week I started today full of energy and have finished it with a sense of achievement and fingers crossed that this continues.

So 'what produced the smiles' I hear you ask and I have to tell you that it was a random selection of activities ranging from dancing in the tanning booth to firewood collecting to wielding the chainsaw and axe to using the new window cleaning gadget.

I've also arranged for someone to come and quote for erecting three sections of fencing needed in the garden and ordered a new trolley so I can clear the rubbish which has gathered in front of the old fencing. 

Reading that back it doesn't seem a huge amount but I have a feeling of gathering back control and that always makes me feel good.  Oh and the sunshine really, really helped.

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Carol S said…
That’s good to hear Jane. Must admit the sun makes a massive difference to me too. We’ve been able to go in some much longer walks than we’ve done all winter. It just totally lifts the spirits. That and just being active outside. Spring has sprung. Let’s make the most of it 🤗
Jane said…
Spring seems most definitely to have sprung and now I find myself looking out into the garden, seeing all those green shoots and veering between being excited about it all and finding it totally overwhelming. Am very sure that when I get out there and start tidying up I'll feel better about it all.