A day out doesn't quite go to plan

 I had plans for today but I really should have known better.  

What happened?  If I tell you I left the cinema before the film ended will that give you a hint?  It wasn't a bad film but it was very dark and more than anything now I need joy and light in my life so that wouldn't do.  The good thing was that I only had myself to consider so I waited until I realised that no fun was involved in this film and then I got up and left.  The lady in charge of the coffee counter in the foyer didn't seem surprised.

So that was the first thing, then I set out on a walk through the woods, following a path marked on my map, only to find a large section of it blocked by high fencing and building work.  I turned back and went for lunch instead, only I didn't because it's the Easter holidays and there wasn't a table to be had in any of the cafes I came across.

At this point my day was in danger of being spoiled completely but that would have been such a waste so I paused, took a deep breath and thought hard.

It was a lovely day so I bought a salad from one of the busy cafes and headed back into the woods.  Right in the middle I found the perfect fallen tree to perch on.  I sat in the sunshine, ate my salad and listened to a podcast Jake had suggested I download.  All was quiet and peaceful, I was completely on my own and it was all very, very lovely.

Once I'd finished eating I wandered through the woods a little more then took myself off to the bookshop where, against all the stern advice I gave myself, I bought two new books then went off in search of a sunny corner where I could start reading.  

Got home to find that S had taken Ash to meet old work colleagues/friends for an early birthday lunch.  He was so happy and confident that I'd say his day had been even better than mine and that's saying something.

So things don't always to according go to plan but that doesn't mean they have to be a disaster.  It all depends on your attitude.

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