Another birthday

What do you buy a mum who lives in a care home and is just about to celebrate her 93rd birthday?  Why, a stunning birthday cake of course.

The birthday is tomorrow and the cake was ordered several weeks ago so off I went this  morning to collect it and then transport it a few miles to deliver it.  On the way I called for a relaxing coffee, then went to visit my favourite shoe shop in the hope that they would have some comfy, heeled and stylish summer sandals.  Of course I quickly realised that high heeled, comfy and stylish cannot possible exist in one piece of footwear so gave up and carried on to collect the cake.  

Next it was off to the care home, a chat with one of the carers, a conversation with the new manager and then half an hour with mum.  She slept through most of my visit but I've assumed that's because her dementia is taking hold at an every increasing rate rather than a result of my boring conversation and at least I was in lovely surroundings with plenty to see while I waited for her to wake up.

Jake and the eight year old had been to visit on Saturday and dropped off bottles of Prosecco (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and entertainment is planned for tomorrow afternoon so I have a feeling she's in for a good time.

So a good visit and only a little sadness on my part as I looked at the woman who was such a driving force in my life for so long and realised that she doesn't really know who I am.  

Am now looking forward to the photos of her seeing the cake for the first time.  You however can have a preview right now - just look at the photo here.

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Emjayar said…
Oh what a fabulous cake!
Tehachap said…
Being an ex-cake decorator, I can see the delicate/rarely seen works of art in this cake -- the Fondant base, the lace piping, hand-piped roses and the items created in fondant. Such a gorgeous cake. The English have a reputation for making really beautiful cakes and this one surely matches up to their reputation. Thanks for sharing... it's eye candy for me since I decorated cakes, but not to this level.
Carol said…
That cake is so beautiful. I’m sure your Mum will feel very loved
Jane said…
I'm not sure mum will even associate me with her cake but I loved choosing it for her and knowing I was having something special made.