Another good day today but that was helped so much by the fact that the sun was shining.

There's an awful lot of discussion and advice around how our moods can affect those whose lives we share, that the ones living with dementia pick up on our aura and react accordingly but I've come to realise that this also happens in reverse.  At least it does in this house.

If Ash is in a bad mood my stomach churns and I tread on eggshells to get through the day; if he's confused I worry about him and if he's sad it upsets me and I want to make life better for him.  So it seems to me that, although rightly we're told we need to regulate our moods to make life better for for everyone concerned no-one tells us how to do that when we too are reacting to outside influences.

It's not enough to say that we can make the changes whereas they cannot.  Personally I find there are times when Ash says something or reacts in a certain way and I really can't switch off and exude sweetness and light.  I used to think this was a failing and maybe it is but I also know I'm human and sometimes, just like him but in reverse, I react to how he's behaving.

The thing is that often all it takes to make Ash happy is sunshine and if, when I get up, I see it's going to be a lovely day I breathe a sigh of relief that everything is more than likely going to be alright.

Today the sun was shining and as a result it was smiles all the way and I even managed to clear a corner of the garden without a single glare shot in my direction.  It made such a difference and I'm now keeping an eye on the weather forecast as we more towards summer and will plan activities accordingly.

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