On the up - hopefully

 I'm definitely feeling better and more like myself now so here I am to once again report on daily life in our house.  I'm not promising anyone, least of all myself, that it will all be ok from now on but I thought I'd give it a try and see what happens.  Hope that's ok with all of you.

Before I go any further however I want to thank all of you who emailed, messaged and commented on my last post.  I didn't answer because I really wasn't in the right place but they made all the difference and helped me pull myself back up so where on earth would I be without you all!

And now I'm ready to face the world again and here we are.  So much has happened in the last few weeks and there have been so many ups and downs though that, rather than try and cover it all, I think I might just start again and see where we go from here so I hope you're ready for the ride.

Ash is a little up and down at the moment and things can get a bit weird but, as reported before, it's only weird the first time.  In fact a friend told me a little while ago that when something has happened three times it becomes normal and I can see that.

Take yesterday for instance when Ash spent the day wearing a short sleeved polo shirt with a long sleeved thermal on top, shorts, thick socks and a woolly hat.  He was also having one of those days where he had no idea what to do with himself and I kept finding him in one room or another standing perfectly still, woolly hat still in place and with his camera slung over his shoulder.  The first time I found him like that I was completely unnerved but each time it happened it became more normal. 

I did manage to distract him and we spent a comfortable afternoon looking at old photos but I saw for the first time how other people's lives, even those not affected by dementia, can look odd from the outside but perfectly reasonable to those more closely involved.  How about you?  How 'normal' does your life feel?

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Carol S. said…
So pleased you are feeling better Jane. Every day is a fresh start and for me I think normal is accepting that nothing is permanent and things are changing and evolving every day - sometimes slowly sometimes quickly. I think that’s true whether you have dementia in your life or not - but the changes are more subtle without it. It keeps us on our toes which is why I think our own health as carers is really important. Wishing you a good day today. X