Smiling again

A lovely, lovely day out with a friend today where I don't think I stopped smiling from the minute I left home to the minute I walked back in the door and even now I'm feeling relaxed and happy.

We went to the 'big' city where we spent so long over coffee and lunch that we only managed three shops which, for someone who really doesn't like shopping, was just perfect.

Not only that but in one of the three shops I discovered yet another gadget to revolutionise my life.  What is it?  A double slow cooker, something I didn't know existed but which I'm now itching to try out.  If I'm right I can cut down the number of days I have to cook and increase the number of days I just have to reheat, the thought of which fills me with a sense of relief and promises to keep my smile in place.

So my day was a success which was wonderful but so was Ash's which was just as lovely.  In fact he had such a good day with S that he talked about it at the dinner table, all the time with a great grin on his face.  Both of us smiling at the same time is a bit of a miracle nowadays and definitely a moment to be savoured.

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Carol S. said…
Made me smile too, hearing about your day Jane 🤗