A new hiding place

 I realised this morning that I didn't tell you about the near miss we had at the weekend so here you are and I hope you feel for me.

We'd spent the afternoon gardening (again) which was very nice.  At the end of the afternoon I saw Ash in the shed but didn’t think anything of it.  After tea I went to lock the shed door and noticed that the top inner tray of the tool box was on the floor.  Opened up the tool box to put the tray inside and discovered the camera nestled in the bottom!!!  I went hot and cold at the thought of what would have happened if a) I hadn’t seen the tool box tray and b) I’d decided to leave it where it was.  As some of you know, tidying up isn’t my strong point so putting it away wasn’t the only option. 

Never in a million years would I have thought of going out to the shed and peering into one of the many tool boxes Ash owns when the camera went missing.  It wouldn't have even been one of the last places I'd have looked, it just wasn't on my radar.  And I have to wonder what was going on in his head when he put it there.

Dementia certainly keeps me on my toes!

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Tehachap said…
This reminds me of the times when he would hide those pastry's you made for him. Cheese pasties, or similar. I found an empty soda can sitting on the shelf in our pantry this morning. Uh... LOL all I can think is he put it there because the recycle bin was full? Who knows, but glad I caught it. Though a soda can isn't like misplacing a camera, or his keys, or his wallet. :/