Lost and found

 Do you remember the missing lid from the tin of adhesive ?  Well it's come to light.  I was going to say I found it but that really wouldn't be true.  I'd looked and looked in the main shed and it was nowhere to be seen but then, several days later, there it was on the work bench in full view.  No explanation, no idea where it had been and obviously no use at all asking Ash but there it was and now it's back in it's rightful place on top of the tin and looking for all the world as though it's never been anywhere else.

So you'd think all would be right with my world but now there's another unexplained absence and this time it's a tale of the missing fence paint.  At the end of last week Ash mentioned several times that he was running out and, as painting fences is the one thing now guaranteed to give me some peace and quiet, we went off to buy more.  There was a special offer on and we came away with three tins of the stuff which I thought, going on previous experience, would last at least until the end of next summer.

Yesterday I noticed an empty tin in the bin but thought nothing of it.  This morning I saw that a second tin had been opened and was now half empty.  I know we've had new fencing installed but I also know how much of it is now coloured black and it really can't have taken 7.5 ltrs so where on earth has it gone?  Actually quite a lot of it has gone onto Ash and I spend a great deal of time scrubbing him clean so that he doesn't wreck the bath when he gets in it at night.  Even he however hasn't managed to cover enough of himself with it to explain the empty tin so I think I'm just going to have to resign myself to yet another unsolvable mystery.

On the plus side at least the fencing looks smart(ish) and the garden is looking neat and tidy.  

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