A day with the nearly 9 year old does the trick

Lovely trip out today with the nearly 9 year old and other friends. Getting stuck for a little while, suspended below a track (otherwise known as The Sky Ride) was, apparently, an adventure rather than an ordeal so that was ok; leaping across giant straw bales and balancing on planks was great exercise and the indoor soft play area was exhausting for adults and children alike but for very different reasons. Do you now have an almost full picture of our escapades in your head? I do hope so.

Came home to find that Ash had had a good day with S but exhaustion led to confusion later which in turn led to a walk at dusk in an effort to calm things down. It worked to a point but he was in the bath by 8.45 and in bed by 9. The upside to all that has been a large chunk of the evening to myself and a blog post written so it can all, quite possibly, be classed as a win in some form or another.

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