I have some fantasies I'd like to share with you.  Not exciting fantasies and certainly not the sort of fantasies I'd like to be having but some of you might recognise them.

Fantasy #1:  sleeping all night without having to get up to make tea or just persuade someone that it's not time to get up.

Fantasy #2:  eating a meal when and where I want.

Fantasy #3: sitting at my computer taking as long as I want to write a decent blog post, to reply to emails and/or randomly searching for things I don't need.

Fantasy #4: having the house to myself so that I can sit in silence, listen to podcasts, read a book, have the radio on a station other then Heart 70s or 80s, garden and, surprisingly, clean without being hassled to go out somewhere.

Fantasy #5: accepting invitations without my brain going into overdrive as I instantly begin to plan carers and whether, if I can organise care, it's easier to stay out overnight or come home late.

Fantasy #6: attending village events (just that, nothing more).

Fantasy #7: walking with friends

Fantasy #8: and this is the big one, spending as much time as I like with Jake and the nearly 9 year old.

There's some big stuff too but it's the little things I miss and it's the little things in life that make the world go round.  Without them this isn't a life, it's an existence and that existence is getting narrower by the day.

However I do have my adventure list and every so often one of my friends comes up with an idea and I say 'brilliant, I'll put it on the list'.  It happened last week and it happened again today so there's lots to look forward to, I just have to get there.

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