Practical help

This page includes useful websites as well as helpful books and practical tips.  If you have any suggestions please let us know and they can be added to the page.

Websites - Lots of advice and aids around incontinence problems - Lots of different aids but the one I have found most useful is the clock which tells the day, date and time.  Makes everything so much clearer.
Youngdmentiauk.or - advice and support for families of those people under 65 who have been diagnosed with dementia - a different way of looking at dementia.  Order several copies of their booklet and then give them to family and friends.  They also do training courses.

'Contented Dementia' by Oliver James

'Somebody I Used to Know' by Wendy Mitchell

Practical tips
Difficulties accessing the bathroom:  If you only have an upstairs bathroom and your loved one can't manage the stairs then a plasterer's bath measuring 4ft x 2ft x 1ft means you can bathe them downstairs.

Wheelchairs:  Even if your loved can manage to walk a wheelchair will mean you can go further.  These can look very boring and my mum refuses to use one because she's 'only 89' and apparently she would look old.  You could however buy one and spray it in a funky colour.  Life doesn't have to be boring just because you have dementia.

Cooking: Jamie Oliver's book 'Five Ingredients' is amazing.  There are 5 main ingredients in every recipe plus a couple of store cupboard staples.  Most dishes are cooked on one pan and everything is very quick.


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