Another week, another visit

 Second visit today and I'd say it was even better than last week's.  

There are lots of things about the home that I love; it's always calm and peaceful, the staff seem to know Ash well already, he's relaxed when I leave him; all good things but one thing I hadn't realised was how perfect its position is.  It's within easy walking distance of town which is great while it's cold and it's also right on the edge of the local country park which will be perfect for a walk when the weather gets warmer.

This time we walked into town, had a cup of tea and something to eat then a wander around the shops.  Ash had commented on the way in on the fact that his head was cold so we found a hat in one of the shops then went back the way we'd come, once again commenting on all the big houses we passed.

So today's visit was lovely and at the end of it I remembered my lesson from last week, handing him over to the carer before leaving immediately.  Best of all, I was really looking forward to seeing him beforehand.  I do know this new phase of our lives won't be without it's challenges but when I look back to where we were four weeks ago I really can't believe the difference.  I also think that if we've survived the last five years we can survive anything that's to come.

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Carol S. said…
So glad to hear that everything is working out so well for both of you Jane. I’m sure that now you aren’t a full time carer you’ll both be able to have a much more positive relationship. That certainly happened when my Dad went into a care home. I could be so much more relaxed and cheerful when I visited without all the stress, worry and frustration. Wishing you both all the best in this new chapter. I’d say you’ve been very lucky in your choice of home but I guess it’s not luck but forward planning that has made all the difference. 👍. We are a couple of years behind you on this journey so would appreciate any tips you might have to share about making the transition if you do decide to carry on posting. Thanks so much for all the help you have given so far. 🤗