Feeling better

 I had a lovely visit with Ash this morning and, as a consequence, am feeling much better life for both of us.  

I must admit that my heart sank shortly after I got there.  I'd been greeted with the tightest hug which was wonderful but that was followed by complaint after complaint about how everyone there was horrible.  I didn't quite believe him but it did all make me wonder and I wondered right up until we walked out of the door and he started telling me how lovely everyone was! 

Today I thought we'd try the garden centre only that meant going in the car and I wondered how he'd cope.  Needn't have worried because he chatted all the way there about everything we drove by which was in complete contrast to the silent journeys we made at home and just showed how much happier he is in himself.

We were out a couple of hours and Ash chatted the whole time.  Not all of it made sense but there were some very astute comments about the price of Christmas decorations in comparison to the length of time they're on display which was interesting.

I left him happily waiting for his lunch and drove to see the hygienist at the dental surgery.  The last time I saw her I'd gone straight from viewing two very unsuitable homes and I was an emotional wreck.  Today my stress levels were non-existent.

So after all that I'm back on track.  I know I made the right decision and I know we couldn't have carried on as we were.  It's now time to relax, to accept that Ash is in the best possible place and to start making the most of the life I have now and in the future.

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