It's beginning to look a lot like .......

 No decorations up yet, they're waiting until Jake and the 9 year old are here next weekend, but Alexa's been playing Christmas music all day and I'm getting in the swing of it all.

I took my 'robin' mug out of the cupboard this morning and felt just a little sad when I remembered that I bought it last year to cheer myself up and to help inject some Christmas spirit into my life.  Apart from the very scaled down decorations that was it so this year I've decided there should definitely be more.

I've already bought myself a Christmas hat which is bright red with white fur trim.  I was about to include a link to it so that you could see how lovely it is but they seem to have sold out so you'll have to wait until I've taken a photo.

Then there's the robin mug, the Christmas quilt cover I've bought for the 9 year old to use next weekend, and the research I'm doing for presents.  I love present buying. I like thinking about what people will like, I like noticing things through the year and storing them away in my brain and the only sad thing this year was seeing the perfect present for Ash and knowing I wouldn't be buying it for him.  Just in case you're interested it was a Vintage Land Rover driving tour and once upon a time he would have loved every minute of it.

To add to my feeling of well-being the decorator came this morning and, for the first time ever, I have a feature wall in the house.  I've never been brave enough to do it and I'm not sure how Ash would have felt about this one but he rarely said no to any of my random ideas so I think it would have been ok.  Now all I need to do is get new curtains and my bedroom will be perfect (did I tell you that I'd moved back into the big bed that I had to abandon two years ago?).

On top of that I've come up with a new way of keeping meal times interesting.  I batch cook several dishes, divide them into containers and put them in the freezer without labelling them.  There's nothing in there that I don't like so it's great fun finding out what it is I'm going to be eating each night.

Life here has been dull for a very long time but, slowly, I feel as though I'm coming back to life again and there's no feeling of dread in my stomach at the thought of the days to come which is never a bad thing.

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