My social life is picking up

 This is what happens when I don't post every day!  I miss one day because I'm busy doing something different and then I can't think what to say and then I get lazy.  But, as you can see, I've given myself a stern talking to and am back up and writing once again.

So what was I doing to keep me so busy?  I had friends come for a sleepover and it was wonderful.  It's so long since I've been able to do anything remotely similar that I'd forgotten what fun it was.  

I cooked a meal, there was wine with it and ice cream afterwards (not my normal diet at all so it felt very decadent) and we watched a film in front of the fire.  Bedtime was late, chatting was on the agenda and it was all very lovely.

This is how life used to be and it's very much how I hope life will be in the future.  I already have plans for the summer once I've got the garden sorted out and, once again, I'm feeling human so all is well in my world right now.

I hope it is in yours too and if not then I promise there are good times ahead even if you have to wait a while.  

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Peter day said…
Hi Jane,
So pleased to see you picking up the threads of your life again.I hope that you can continue to see that you have absolutely done the right thing and that your well-being must get a bit of a look in sometimes!
This will definitely be your year and we are all waiting to see where your adventure takes you next-not that we were necessarily thinking it would be Australia!