Panic keeps me on my toes

 Went to see Ash again today and found him in good spirits as usual.  It was cold and wet outside so this time we went to the garden centre where we don't have far to walk before we're in the warm.  

My usual habit is to arrive, position him outside the toilets with instructions not to move until I re-appear and then off I go to do what a girl has to do (especially when it's cold and wet outside).  Often when I get back to him he's in conversation with some unsuspecting passerby who's almost always wearing a slightly puzzled expression but generally all is right, in Ash's world at least.  

Today I emerged to find him gone!  First I was taken by surprise and then I was gripped by panic.  The toilets you see aren't far from the exit and a group of men were on their way out of the door.  What if Ash was amongst them?  What if I went out there but he wasn't amongst them?  How on earth could I have been so stupid?  All of these things were racing through my mind as I went hot and cold all over and then I caught sight of him.  He was indeed heading for the exit but hadn't quite made it.  I ran as fast as I could, got there just before he reached the door and managed to turn him towards the restaurant instead.  He was completely unfazed by the fact that I seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, and he'd obviously completely forgotten I was with him, but I wasn't quite so calm about it although by the time I'd had my second cup of tea I'd stopped shaking.

The thing is that I'm going to have to rethink my whole toilet strategy when we're out from now on especially as it appears that incontinence is making its presence felt as dementia tightens it's grip.  However I like a plan as you know and something will come to me before next week's visit I'm sure.  Shall I let you know what I come up with?  I think I will.

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Emjayar said…
If it's any help, we use the disabled toilet and always go in together. If Terry doesn't want to 'go', I tell him that I need him with me as he needs to hold my handbag.
Jane said…
brilliant idea re the excuse. couldn't work out how to get him to go in with me. thank you!
MaudMedical said…
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