The benefits of writing this blog

I've been threatening for years to write a book and several times have sat down to begin but then been overwhelmed by the task in hand.  I have the attention span of a gnat and, although common sense told me otherwise, a whole book felt as though I would have to sit for hours and hours writing solidly until it was finished.  This blog then is perfect for me.  I can sit and write for five or ten minutes, giving a snapshot of what's going on in my life, and then move away leaving the next short chapter until tomorrow.  There are other benefits as well though as I'm gradually discovering.  It hones my writing skills, it improves my grammar, it (mostly) helps me pay attention to the positive, it keeps my friends up to speed with what's happening which in turn means there's more time to discuss what's going on in their lives rather than focusing on my issues but, more important than all of those things, it has put me in touch with new people who are living through incredibly similar realities.  No two experiences of chronic illness are the same but, whether that illness is dementia or not, the emotions we go through are all recognisable and knowing that makes a difference to me.  Because of this blog people (friends and strangers) get in touch, they ask questions which make me think about the future and how I'll cope, they read what I've written and offer suggestions or just check I'm ok, they offer encouragement and tell me 'you can do this'.  All of these things help more than you can imagine and far more than a book could ever do.  What's not to like!

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Sarah H said…
Ann said…
And we in turn are helped so much by you, Jane.

Plus, in my humble opinion (and I’m sure others agree), you are a brilliant writer. I can see, in the future, your blog being the basis for an excellent book. I’d definitely buy it!
Jane said…
That would be exciting wouldn't it.