Things might just work out

No post yesterday even though I promised I was back on track but am hoping that, if I tell you Ash came through at 4.20am yesterday to ask if it was time to get up, you might understand why I wasn't up to writing anything.  To be honest I only managed to get through the day with the help of two naps, one straight after lunch and the other at the end of the afternoon.  

I survived however and just thought I should let you know that the carer experience appears to have been a success.  I know it's only been one visit but it looks as though its done Ash the world of good.  He seems more confident, he's been chattier than I've seen him in months and, best sign of all, he asked when L was coming again.  I'm trying not to let my hopes rise too high because I'm fully aware that there's every likelihood it will all come crashing down again but, if I tread very, very carefully, I think it might just all work out.

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Sally said…
Hi Jane , thanks for your great blog . My husband was diagnosed with YOD in 2018 at 56 . Our life has been changing ever more rapidly since 2017 . Just thought I’d drop a line to say go for it with the carer -please don’t give up . I Have have chosen to get the help of professional caregivers from a relatively early stage , under the advice of Dementia Australia . We have bumpy times occasionally (mainly when a new carer is introduced) but generally its working well.

My advice from what works for me/ us , if I may , is regular carers works well , don’t announce they are coming until a few minutes before or not all all. This gives no opportunity for objection or emotional manipulation. If there are any objections at any time I discuss it briefly eg it’s important for you to socialise and spend time with other people exercise etc , I need to get some things done. Etc and then it’s closed no options . Might sound hard but we find it really works and the objections become less and less .We have support for a full day out each week and for another half day where another person visits , they plan , shop and cook an evening meal . This is great for me ! And he gets the satisfaction of doing something for me / helping out too. Just some ideas . Stick with it Jane , I believe it’s been easier to get into the rhythm whilst my husband still has a level of ability to adapt . Good luck and thanks again for the wonderful insightful blog - it keeps me sane some days
Jane said…
I took your advice Sally and didn't tell him L was coming until half an hour before she was due to arrive and it worked brilliantly. They had a really good morning without me and he's been really good since she left. next week I'm having a whole day out so fingers crossed that works just as well.